Dive Lab

I’m Co-Head of the Bristol Interaction Group and I lead the Diverse-Ability Interaction Lab (Dive Lab).

In the Dive Lab, we aim to transform conceptions of assistive technology, accessibility and inclusion in human society. We do this by researching how to design, engineer and evaluate multisensory and cross-sensory technologies inclusive of both disabled and non-disabled people across a range of domains and contexts, from education to work and leisure.

Current projects include:

  • Inclusive social play technologies for autistic and neurotypical children
  • Cross-sensory social play for the early development of blind and sighted pre-schoolers
  • Joint attention in blind and visually impaired children
  • Hybrid technologies for community space inclusive of people living with dementia
  • Olfactory displays in exergames for people with dementia
  • Inclusive VR experiences for people living with limb differences
  • Synthesis in audio-visual art practice


PhD students

Visitors & Alumni

MSc students

  • (2023)
    • Linda Lomencikova: Collaborative Writing Accessibility and the Distribution of the Labour of Access in Mixed-ability Teams of Visually Impaired and Sighted Users
  • (2022)

    • Side Gao: Crossmodal Emotion Tags for Calendar Applications

    • (2018)

      • Scott Banyard: Therapeutic Virtual Reality and Multisensory Interaction

    • (2017)

      • Jiayun Wang: Audio-haptic displays of awareness in groupware systems
      • Harry Mumford-Turner: Chatbots, crossmodal display and habit formation
      • Zhuolin Yang: Crossmodal shape display
      • Joe Hutchinson: Overviewing code structure through non-visual displays
      • James Emeads: Interactive memory box for people with dementia

    Summer Interns

    • (2022)

      • Yohan Duclos: Web plugin for crossmodal stimuli manipulation

    • (2021)

      • Grace Stangroome: Multisensory tools for people with dementia

    • (2019)

      • Dean Ho: Multisensory storytelling tools
      • Juan Quintero Ovalle: Multisensory storytelling tools
      • Baptiste Robert: accessible multisensory DIY toolkits

    • (2018)

      • Alex Turner: accessible multisensory DIY toolkits
      • Rachel Jeffries-Harris: multisensory memory box