IDC’2020: Two papers, one workshop

Very exciting that we are going to have two full papers and organise one workshop at the next Interaction Design and Children conference


The first paper is a collaboration with Janet C Read and Matthew Horton from the CHICI group at UCLAN, entitle: Enabling Children to Design for Others with Expanded Proxy Design where we explore the question: : “How can an expanded notion of proxy design facilitate child designers to provide design ideas for technology that might reduce the marginalisation that can be experienced by some of their peers?” We introduce and reflect on the notion of Expanded Proxy design through three case studies

The second paper, entitled Not On Any Map: Co-Designing a Meaningful Bespoke Technology with a Child with Profound Learning Difficulties is a paper by Masters student Stephanie Robinson, together with Sion Hannuna, in which we present a case study of co-designing digital technology that offers positive and meaningful experiences with and for a child with profound learning difficulties and his family. 


Our workshops is entitled: What we Learn When Designing with Marginalised Children. It’s going to be an exciting collaboration in the series of inclusive education technologies workshops, led by Seray Ibrahim, in collaboration with Émeline Brulé, Laura Benton, Anthony Hornof, Erin Beneteau, Nikoleta Yiannoutsou, Katta Spie and myself

We invite researchers to reflect on the insights design case studies with marginalised children offer to the larger Children-Computer Interaction (CCI) community. Our goals are to reflect on what kinds of insights are generated; what we as design researchers and practitioners would have wanted to know prior to undertaking such work, and; to identify ways of communicating these insights.

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