Welcome to new postdoc Feng Feng

Welcome to Feng Feng who joins the CRITICAL team as a postdoctoral researcher working on the EPSRC project Crossmodal Interactive Tools for Inclusive Learning project. She will be working on shape-changing display aspects of the project.

Feng’s research is concerned with understanding how perception, action and cognition are laced together. Her PhD work, completed in the school of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at the QMUL, falls into two areas: multisensory embodiment and human-computer interaction, and unified by a focus on gestural input activities and, in particular, on the integration process between tactile, auditory and visual perception, and how this process enhances or inhibits gesture inputs across different spatio-temporal interactive scales. The ultimate goal of her research is to provide an experiential uniformity between our physical embodiment and ever-evolving digital augmentation.

Feng is also engaged with developing computational models for anticipating human perceptual behaviour, she worked as consultant for the Demand Logic company, and actively organised/participated in public outreach activities such as the Lego league robot competition, Teentech event London.