CHI2019: Two Papers, two LBWs, one SIG, and one workshop position paper

Very exciting that in CHI2019, we’re going to present two papers:

  • one crossmodal correspondences between olfactory, tactile and emotional stimuli, with Emanuela Maggioni and Marianna Obrist
  • another on co-designing inclusive voice-based interfaces in school

Two late breaking works:

  • On co-designing for reminiscence therapy with people with dementia
  • and an exploratory study on floor visualisation

Host one SIG on the topic of evaluating technologies with disabled children, co-organised with Emeline Brulé, Katta Spiel, Ahmed Kharrufa and Charlotte Robinson

And present one position paper at the Hacking Blind Navigation workshop on co-designing inclusive mobility with visually impaired and sighted children