I’m Co-Head of the Bristol Interaction Group and I lead the Diverse-Ability Interaction Lab. We are interested in designing, engineering and evaluating multisensory and cross-sensory technologies and in understanding how they can support inclusive interactions between disabled and non-disabled people across a range of domains and contexts, from education to work and leisure.


PhD students

Visitors & Alumni

MSc students

  • (2023)
    • Linda Lomencikova: Collaborative Writing Accessibility and the Distribution of the Labour of Access in Mixed-ability Teams of Visually Impaired and Sighted Users
  • (2022)

    • Side Gao: Crossmodal Emotion Tags for Calendar Applications

    • (2018)

      • Scott Banyard: Therapeutic Virtual Reality and Multisensory Interaction

    • (2017)

      • Jiayun Wang: Audio-haptic displays of awareness in groupware systems
      • Harry Mumford-Turner: Chatbots, crossmodal display and habit formation
      • Zhuolin Yang: Crossmodal shape display
      • Joe Hutchinson: Overviewing code structure through non-visual displays
      • James Emeads: Interactive memory box for people with dementia

    Summer Interns

    • (2022)

      • Yohan Duclos: Web plugin for crossmodal stimuli manipulation

    • (2021)

      • Grace Stangroome: Multisensory tools for people with dementia

    • (2019)

      • Dean Ho: Multisensory storytelling tools
      • Juan Quintero Ovalle: Multisensory storytelling tools
      • Baptiste Robert: accessible multisensory DIY toolkits

    • (2018)

      • Alex Turner: accessible multisensory DIY toolkits
      • Rachel Jeffries-Harris: multisensory memory box