PhD students

Visitors & Alumni

MSc students

  • (2022)
    • Side Gao: Crossmodal Emotion Tags for Calendar Applications
  • (2021)
    • Brooke Evans: A Tangible and Accessible Coding Platform for Ozobots
    • Abby Exon: Crossmodal Gamification of Foreign Language Learning
    • Alan Cen: Magnitude Estimation of Weather Data Using Audio-Tactile Feedback
  • (2020)
    • Andreea Patrunjel: Sensing emotions through shapes
    • Lucian Carp: Automatic flashcard generation for educational applications
  • (2019)
    • Stephanie Robinson:  Co-Designing bespoke technologies for children with Profound Learning Difficulties
    • Areej Basudan: Beyond Voice, hacking Alexa with multisensory I/O
    • Steven Powell: Voice-based educational games
    • Astrid Lin: The Colour of Touch, crossmodal correspondences between tactile and visual stimuli
    • Jiazhen Jiang: Smells Like Success(ful learning!)
  • (2018)
    • Scott Banyard: Therapeutic Virtual Reality and Multisensory Interaction
  • (2017)
    • Jiayun Wang: Audio-haptic displays of awareness in groupware systems
    • Harry Mumford-Turner: Chatbots, crossmodal display and habit formation
    • Zhuolin Yang: Crossmodal shape display
    • Joe Hutchinson: Overviewing code structure through non-visual displays
    • James Emeads: Interactive memory box for people with dementia

Summer Interns

  • (2021)
    • Grace Stangroome: Multisensory tools for people with dementia
  • (2019)
    • Dean Ho: Multisensory storytelling tools
    • Juan Quintero Ovalle: Multisensory storytelling tools
    • Baptiste Robert: accessible multisensory DIY toolkits
  • (2018)
    • Alex Turner: accessible multisensory DIY toolkits
    • Rachel Jeffries-Harris: multisensory memory box